Ho`olohe Hou Radio was founded primarily not for entertainment’s sake but, rather, as a serious preservation effort. Over more than 40 years creator/host Bill Wynne has amassed a jaw-dropping Hawaiian music collection spanning 1904 to present day and comprising more than 25,000 recordings – many one-of-a-kind as they were shared with him from the private collections of Hawai`i’s legendary musicians themselves because they appreciate Wynne’s love of all things Hawaiian and his sincere desire to preserve diamonds-in-the-rough others may have simply overlooked. Wynne is considered a “keeper of the culture” and his collection – as Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame president Ku`uipo Kumukahi referred to it – a “cultural treasure.”

Although some – but certainly not all – of the rarities in the Ho`olohe Hou Radio archives exist elsewhere – such as the Bishop Museum or the University of Hawai`i Music Department Library – these recordings have not been made available to the public anywhere else because of the significant expense of paying mechanical and performance royalties for their use. Wynne chose radio as the medium for sharing his collection because it is currently the only way to do so legally and ethically. Ho`olohe Hou Radio has signed licensing agreements with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC for the collection of mechanical royalties (royalties paid to the composer of a song) as well as with SoundExchange for performance royalties (royalties paid to the artist for the actual sound recording). These agreements permit Ho`olohe Hou Radio the use of these sound and video recordings both as a streaming radio service and elsewhere on the Ho`olohe Hou Radio website.

More than this, Wynne’s personal belief – in contrast with many stations in any genre which offer vintage, out-of-print musical fare – is that the scratches, crackles, pops, and hiss which characterize the ravages of the passing of time are not “quaint.” So he has embarked on a remastering effort to make the recordings heard on Ho`olohe Hou Radio as listenable – by millennial standards – as possible. The Ho`olohe Hou Radio on air library currently stands at over 7,200 recordings and counting – more than a third of these rare and out-of-print. These recordings can be heard every day, all day long at Ho`olohe Hou Radio.

But the rarest-of-the-rare Wynne reserves for the on air segment aptly titled “Rarities.” From time to time Wynne will trot out recordings guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind and that you are not likely to here anywhere else but Ho`olohe Hou Radio. Stay tuned to Ho`olohe Hou Radio to catch these rarities which air throughout each month, and subscribe to our Facebook or Twitter feeds for information about when such recordings will be featured.

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