Elvis Meets Lani Kai and The Surfers

Nobody would accuse Elvis of performing what would typically be thought of as “Hawaiian music” – not even in any of the three films he made in Hawai’i.  But Elvis did associate with some greats of Hawaiian music, and these local Hawai’i musicians and personalities added more than a little local flavor and flair to the precedings.

In honor of Elvis’s January 8th birthday, Ho`olohe Hou Radio celebrated with some rarities that show how local Hawai’i musicians contributed to some of the most memorable moments of the The King’s legacy. Those on air pieces have since been transcribed as blog articles with sound clips. Click on the articles below to learn more about these local Hawai`i entertainers and how they made Elvis’s endeavors in Hawai`i more “Hawaiian.”


The King and Kai

The King and Naluai