Forgotten songs and forgotten artists on a forgotten medium… …

The 1980s were a time of transition for recording technology – the long playing vinyl record (or LP) dying a slow death while the compact disc (or CD) initially taking a while to gain a footing on the market because of the outrageous expense and consumer’s reluctance to change.

This means throughout the 1980s the Hawaiian music industry had to make a choice: LP or CD. And many chose… neither. Rather, many opted to release their music only on cassette tape. This means that a number of classic Hawaiian music releases from this period were released only on cassette – a medium (we now know) which was more fragile than even the vinyl LP.

Ho`olohe Hou Radio has painstakingly remastered dozens of these cassettes for airplay so that these voices and musicians can be heard again. Tune in all month long as we spin these forgotten tapes in brilliant new audio quality during what we like to call “Cassettember.”

Celebrating the 1980s and our once favorite recording medium: the cassette. All month long in September. Only at Ho`olohe Hou Radio.