The Mele Minute

“Mele” is the Hawaiian language word for “song” – or even more specifically the song lyric. In “The Mele Minute,” Ho`olohe Hou Radio creator/host Bill Wynne celebrates the unique art of Hawaiian songwriting by discussing composers – the famous and the forgotten – and the aspects of their poetry that makes each songwriter special and each song unique. Wynne also translates quintessential verses of those songs written in the Hawaiian language – dissecting the unique Hawaiian poetic technique known as kaona in which the haku mele (or composer) employs veiled references to occasionally conceal their true intent in a manner that would make even Shakespeare and Chaucer blush. And, of course, we cannot discuss Hawaiian song without also discussing the people, places, and events each song celebrates in order to put each mele in its appropriate historic and social context.

“The Mele Minute” airs several times throughout the week. Stay tuned to Ho`olohe Hou Radio to learn about a new song or composer every day, and subscribe to our Facebook or Twitter feeds for information about when you might be likely to catch “The Mele Minute.”